The British Military Mission and Army in Greece 1942-1952

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Volume 7, September 2003, Section E033

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The British Military Mission and Army in Greece 1942-1952
Τhe British Role in Greek COIN Operations

Elia Delaporta
B.A. M.A., Ph.D (Hist.)
The University of Glasgow

   The role of Britain in Greek politics has been well documented in a number of studies and perspectives. However, very little has been written about the military role of Britain in Greek affairs either from the Greek or British point of view. Studies on postwar British counter-insurgency (COIN) campaigns, such as the case of Palestine or Malaya, demonstrate that Whitehall was particularly interested in this type of operations that combined political, intelligence and military activities. Although a number of studies dial with British postwar COIN role, the case of Greece still remains underestimated. The aim of this article is both to outline British Armys counter-guerrilla influence in Greece during the challenge of the civil war years and its contribution to the nature of the Greek National Army. This study is based on the assumption that Britain played an important role in Greek COIN operations throughout the civil war period despite historians who believe that after 1947 the Americans took on the burden of COIN operations in Greece alone.[…]
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