British Military Mission (BMM) to Greece, 1942-44

AUTHOR(S) MAJ S. Stephen Shrader

The study of insurgency and counterinsurgency over the years provides a valuable tool for analysis in the current Global War on Terrorism. Failure to take into account and accurately assess political and military actions in such environments can lead to unintended consequences (potential civil war) affecting the stability of a country. Accurate assessment of the political and military actions does not guarantee success or failure, as every insurgency is a unique case, which requires observation and analysis through the strategic implications particular to each circumstance.
One historical example for analysis is the British Military Mission (BMM) to Greece in 1942-44, which begs the question “did the policies utilized by the British in balancing the opposing political and military objectives of rival guerilla forces delay or help bring about the Greek Civil War?” This monograph explores the likelihood of this question by analyzing the historical documentation of actual events that transpired during the mission n and whether they delayed or help bring about the Greek Civil War. […]
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