The Dekemvriana: Communist Revolution, Rightist Coup, or Blunder?

Ταυτότητα άρθρου: Iatrides, John O.. "The Dekemvriana: Communist Revolution, Rightist Coup, or Blunder?". Pella Publishing Company. 1996-09. Available electronically from

by  John Iatrides

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Dekemvriana, the bloody events in and around Athens in December 1944, triggers widely conflicting sentiments. On the one hand, particularly for Greeks who suffered through those terrible clays or have a strong emotional attachment to either side of the conflict, reviving painful memories is not a welcome prospect. Rather than reexamining old wounds that have barely healed, one might wish to simply consign to oblivion the events and passions which caused Greeks to kill fellow Greeks and focus instead on the process of reconciliation which the nation has fostered since the mid-1970s. Indeed, nothing is more human than the desire to avoid having to relive a horrifying past.[…]

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