The December Events- The Communist Attempt to Take Over the Country, December 1944

Ταυτότητα άρθρου: Woodhouse, Christopher M.. "The December Events: The Communist Attempt to Take Over the Country, December 1944". Hellenic Heritage. 2004-01. Available electronically from  
From the book "The Struggle for Greece 1941-1949"  


ALTHOUGH some preparations were made for the use of force, they remained essentially defensive. On 28 November Siantos sent out a general order to 'be ready to repulse any dangers'; and similar orders were repeated on the following two days. No attempt was made to prevent officers and men of the Gendarmerie passing through territory controlled by ELAS on their way to Athens. Saraphis described a state of confusion on his arrival at ELAS GHQ on 29 November, until the Central Committee of ELAS was reconstituted. Even then plans had to be improvised, because ELAS had been actually preparing to demobilise.51 At the same time there were one or two more ominous signs.52 On 30 November Mandakas (a member of ELAS Central Committee) ordered supplies of explosives, mines and automatic weapons to be sent to the Division nearest Athens. On 1 December a Communist who visited two of the KKE offices in Athens, including the Party HQ, found both of them stripped and evacuated. When he asked the only man he could find where everyone had gone, the only reply he could get was 'underground' (stin paranomia). These episodes took place while the EAM Ministers were still members of Papandreou's Government..[…]

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