The Problem of Zachariadis's First Open Letter: A Reappraisal of the Evidence

Ταυτότητα του άρθρου: Smith, Ole L.. "The Problem of Zachariadis's First Open Letter: A reappraisal of the Evidence". Pella Publishing Company. 1982-12. Available electronically from


Few documents in the history of the KKE have been so much discussed as Zachariadis's first open letter of October 31, 1940. The text of this letter can be found in a large number of publications and is sufficiently well-known. This letter defined the party line from the very outset of the Greek-Italian War and laid the foundations for the patriotic stand adopted by the KKE during the Second World War and later; moreover, it put an end to the confusion that reigned in the party as a consequence of Metaxas's repressive measures and Maniadakis's highly successful attempt to create utter chaos in the party at all levels. […]

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