The «Anomalies» in the Greek Middle East Forces, 1941-1944

by Hagen  Fleischer

There exists a considerable number of published sources dealing with the "anomalies" which are linked inseparably with the memory of the "Royal Greek Middle East Forces" (VESMA) : Protagonists and secondary participants from all parties involved usually offer their (almost inevitably) biased reminiscences as the only valid interpretation of those highly ambiguous events. Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions, the subsequent generation of historians has likewise cast the picture in absolute
terms of good and evil.
Leftist authors claim that the diverse "mutinies"— a term always used within quotation marks—were staged by British imperialism and its Greek "reactionary" and "monarchofascist" agents. The only fault (if any) of the left was its naivety in walking carelessly into the trap. In opposition to this analysis of events, the right—in unison—explains nearly everything as being a product of "communist intrigues.[…]

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