La question macédonienne pendant la guerre civile grecque

Christina Alexopoulos
Treating the Macedonian question during Greek civil war means dealing with the memory of the conflict, somewhere between oblivion, denial and political instrumentation. The Greek Communist Party tried to reconcile national politics with international geopolitics in its consideration of the Macedonian demands and Tito's strategy. On the other hand the engagement of slavophone Macedonians of Greece, in the communist resistance and the civil war, expressed a social struggle and an identity conflict. The governmental propaganda transformed the Macedonian question into the “ultimate proof” of the communists committing “national treason” with regard to the “Slavic danger” and did its best to hide the collaborationism, of which, the nationalist militia was guilty of. Despite the return of Democracy in the country, the way the question is actually being treated in politics and by the media is revelatory of the nationalism reigning in the past and still evident even amidst the civil society of the present age.       

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